Medical Transcription Online Test
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medical transcription online test – choose one answer for each question. if you accidentally click on the wrong answer, click a second time to clear the box.

notice: the result of an aptitude test is nothing more than an indication of your current aptitude for any given field. it is not definitive as to whether or not you should pursue any given career. your willingness to acquire skills and investigate new areas of knowledge is a much stronger indication of how well you will do in a new field.

your test results remain private. this test is run via javascript on your browser and the results are not sent anywhere. take your time – it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to answer the questions, only that your answers reflect your true skills, interests, and attitudes.

1. do you read health-related articles, books, or web sites?

2. are you interested in how the human body functions?
very interested
somewhat interested
not really

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3. do you use vitamins and nutrients to improve your health?

4. have you ever before considered a career in any health-care related field?

5. have you ever worked in a health-care related field?

6. do you know a second language?

7. how would you rate your ability to memorize?

8. when asking yourself about a career in medical transcription, which sentence below most closely matches how you would structure the question?
does this feel right to me?
does this sound like it’s for me?
can i see myself doing this?

9. is it easy for you to understand people with strong accents?

10. are you a music lover?
moderately so
not particularly

11. do you enjoy doing research?

12. how fast do you type?
60+ wpm
35+ wpm
fairly fast
fairly slow

13. how do you handle deadlines?
i never miss a deadline!
i usually meet it, but sometimes just under the wire.
i meet it if i can.

14. are you careful about spelling and grammar?
obsessively so
not particularly

15. are you curious about the etymology of words?
what does “etymology” mean?

16. when you’re unsure about something, do you tend to:
search until you find the answer.
ask someone else.
wing it, or go with what sounds right.

17. when you’re stuck in the middle of a project, is it more important to:
acquire more knowledge so i can handle it better next time.
deal with it as quickly as possible and move on so the project is finished in a timely fashion.

your score:

what it means

90 and above = you have an excellent aptitude for medical transcription. you should enjoy the work and reach a high level of competence.

70 and above = you have a strong aptitude for medical transcription. you will probably enjoy the work and reach above average competence.

50 and above = you have a fair aptitude for medical transcription, but you might want to consider strongly whether you enjoy research and are a careful worker. if so, you should do well. if not, you might want to rethink your goals.

below 50 = you probably wouldn’t really enjoy medical transcription. you might want to do some more research on the subject before you make a commitment.

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