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copywriting is the use of words to promote a person, business, opinion or idea. although the word copy may be applied to any content intended for printing as in the body of a newspaper article or book, the term copywriter is generally limited to such promotional situations, regardless of media as advertisements for print, television, radio or other media—although the word copywriting is regularly used as a noun or gerund, and copywrite is sometimes used as a verb by professionals. the author of newspaper or magazine copy, for example, is generally called a reporter or writer or a copywriter.

thus, the purpose of marketing copy, or promotional text, is to persuade the reader, listener or viewer to act — for example, to buy a product or subscribe to a certain viewpoint. alternatively, copy might also be intended to dissuade a reader.

copywriting can appear in direct mail pieces, taglines, jingle lyrics, web page content although if the purpose is not ultimately promotional, its author might prefer to be called a content writer, online ads, e-mail and other internet content, television or radio commercial scripts, press releases, white papers, catalogs, billboards, brochures, postcards, sales letters, and other marketing communications media.

content writing on websites is also referred to as copywriting, and may include among its objectives the achievement of higher rankings in search engines. known as “organic” search engine optimization seo, this practice involves the strategic placement and repetition of keywords and keyword phrases on web pages, writing in a manner that human readers would consider normal.

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most copywriters are employees within organizations such as advertising agencies, public relations firms, company advertising departments, large stores, marketing firms, broadcasters and cable providers, newspapers, book publishers and magazines. copywriters can also be independent contractors freelancing for a variety of clients, at the clients’ offices or working from their own, or partners or employees in specialized copywriting agencies.

a copywriter usually works as part of a creative team. agencies and advertising departments partner copywriters with art directors. the copywriter has ultimate responsibility for the advertisement’s verbal or textual content, which often includes receiving the copy information from the client. where this formally extends into the role of account executive, the job may be described as “copy/contact.” the art director has ultimate responsibility for visual communication and, particularly in the case of print work, may oversee production. either person may come up with the overall idea for the advertisement or commercial typically referred to as the concept or “big idea”, and the process of collaboration often improves the work.

copywriters are similar to technical writers and the careers may overlap. broadly speaking, however, technical writing is dedicated to informing readers rather than persuading them. for example, a copywriter writes an ad to sell a car, while a technical writer writes the operator’s manual explaining how to use it.

because the words sound alike, copywriters are sometimes confused with people who work in copyright law. these careers are unrelated.

famous copywriters include david ogilvy, william bernbach and leo burnett. many creative artists spent some of their career as copywriters before becoming famous for other things, including peter carey, dorothy l. sayers, viktor pelevin, eric ambler, joseph heller, terry gilliam, william s. burroughs, salman rushdie, don delillo, lawrence kasdan, fay weldon, philip kerr and shigesato itoi. herschell gordon lewis, on the other hand, became famous for directing violent exploitation films, then became a very successful copywriter.

the internet has expanded the range of copywriting opportunities to include web content, ads, commercial emails and other online media. it has also brought new opportunities for copywriters to learn their craft, conduct research and view others’ work. and the internet has made it easier for employers, copywriters and art directors to find each other.

as a consequence of these factors, along with increased use of independent contractors and virtual commuting generally, freelancing has become a more viable job option, particularly in certain copywriting specialties and markets. a generation ago, professional freelance copywriters except those between full-time jobs were rare.

while schooling may be a good start or supplement in a budding copywriter’s professional education, working as part of an advertising team arguably remains the best way for novices to gain the experience and business sense required by many employers, and expands the range of career opportunities.

copywriting vs. content writing: what’s the difference

when referring to writing for the web, these two terms are often used interchangeably. originally copywriting referred primarily to writing ads, sales and promotional materials. but on the net, consider it content writing kicked up a few notches.

many of the same rules apply to both— relevance to the reader, sound writing practices, and value. but there are a few significant differences.
content writing is more general

creating straight content for the internet includes writing articles, online journalism, op-ed pieces, rss feeds, polls, surveys, and quizzes. the focus is to inform, educate and entertain the reader. content writing doesn’t place as much emphasis on search engine optimization, persuasive language, or calls to action. the goal is to give good information the reader finds interesting, useful, or inspirational.

content has to be first-rate to woo web users and search engines. unfortunately, good content writing is in jeopardy. some sources suggest that anyone can write content. they’re mistaken.

the old distinctions between a quality article and a bad one still hold. the former uses primary sources, visual language, coherent structure, and concise, powerful language. the latter is full of fluff, bloated with unnecessary adjectives and adverbs, contradictory information, non-sequiturs, and opinions stated as facts. it leaves your writers empty, and hurries them off to another site.

copywriting is specialized

on the other hand, copywriting or copy writing has to deliver high-quality content while incorporating search engine optimization goals and tools.

search engines crawl websites for info so they can deliver the most relevant results to their users. for your site to rank highly certain standards must be used when creating content. for instance, copywriters have to research keywords and optimize them in articles through proper density and placement.

copywriting is also more concise than content writing. web users are impatient and scan articles when reading online. good copywriting strips sentences and paragraphs down to the essentials, and delivers the main message quickly. with content writing there’s more room for leisurely intros, long quotes from sources, and so on.

another fundamental aspect of copywriting is formatting. articles must be written in pithy sentences and paragraphs. they need visual cues to make it easier for web users to read on the screen. also, good copywriters look for opportunities to link with other content on your site, because search engines include interlinking in how ranking your site.

finally, copywriting can be promotional and persuasive. for example, if you have a sales or service-driven website, a copywriter has to deliver copy that persuades people to buy, or to call for your services. they must optimize keywords in product descriptions so web users searching for products you sell will find you before they find your competitor.

basically copywriting is content writing taken to another level. it incorporates web writing and seo principles, as well as some of its original marketing purposes.

the top 7 copywriting mistakes
website content must appeal to readers and generate frequent indexing by search engines. before you write another post or article you should know the biggest copywriting mistakes to avoid.

1. not knowing your audience can be fatal. your content has to be credible and relevant to appeal to your audience. do your research to ensure you’re giving them what they want. also, write in a language and style they can relate to.

2. obsessing about length is a waste of time. web pages can be as short as 250 words, or as long as 1000 words. focus on giving quality information and value. if you have style concerns or want to maximize advertising opportunities, simply break the article over a few pages.

3. writing phd-level prose prompts readers to click away to more reader-friendly sites. write at a grade four or six level to please readers. also, be careful about using insider language. exceptions include writing for professional or technical audiences. otherwise, if you use unusual terms always give a brief explanation.

4. burying the lead frustrates online audiences. notorious content scanners or skimmers, website audiences have short attention spans. put the most relevant information upfront. the headline and first paragraph must resonate with them, or they’re gone.

5. skipping keyword research leads to ineffective copy and poor search engine results. before writing any content go to google’s keyword tool to determine the strongest keywords and key phrases. also, make a point of gathering synonyms or related terms to optimize your content.

6. posting articles without testing keyword density is so early 90s. for content to rank well, keywords must appear on the page naturally a certain number of times and in the right place. test keyword density at sites such as iwebtool for web pages and live keyword analysis for plain text.

7. keyword stuffing results in stilted awkward prose that turns readers off. some inexperienced copywriters and site owners use this method to try to get higher search engine rankings. don’t. it will also get your site penalized or blocked.

8. not formatting for online reading is a big turnoff to web readers. to keep them interested, use visual cues such as bullets or numbers, bold text, sub-headings and fonts in different sizes. however, overusing these cues on a single page is visually confusing and discomforting to your reader, so use discretion.

9. offering nothing new bores readers as quickly as you can say bounce rates. keep in mind that hundreds or thousands of other sites are targeting your market. seeking out opportunities to create edgy, groundbreaking, or counterintuitive content with lots of added value will be a boon for your online business.

good copywriting offers substance and style for your reader, plus seo benefits. keep these nine common mistakes in mind when creating every page or post on your site.

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