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pdf to doc – copy paste page ranking tool

this is a simple copy paste work for part time home job seekers. the basic work consists of copying text from pdf files and pasting into ms-word, after pasting formatting and page setting has to be done as per the technical documents. good knowledge of ms-word is required for this work. this is project can be done on part-time or full time work from home basis. a person can take maximum of 1 seats work, this work is not available to international customers. primary details of the project is as provided below.

nature of work jpeg/gif to ms-word.
tools you have copy and paste pdf text to ms word.
tat 18 days first month subsequently monthly
contract period 6 months
other details processing fee is refundable if user gets above 98% accuracy in first 2 assignments.
work despatch. will be sent as email attachment.
work submission through email attachment
project name work load pages per month. one time processing fee. income per month
red 400 pages 2500rs fee 4000rs income pm
green 600 pages 3500rs fee 6000rs income pm
blue 800 pages 4500rs fee 8000rs income pm

pdf to doc copy paste work from home

registrations can be taken for slot-1 from 1 to 10 of every month and for slot-2 from 16 to 25 of every month. data will be delivered to the users within 24 hrs. of registration. and uploading time for processed data will be after 18 days of receiving data and this is only in case of very first job-work. from next second job-work, please follow the above. for example if a user registers at day 7 for slot-1, uploading time would be day 25 in this case and from next second slot uploading time would be 20th of that month.

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terms and conditions

the allotment of job work is purely contractual work for the duration of six months and is not, in any way related to employment directly or indirectly. request once made is not transferable.

the assignments will be provided by us in zip file format only and the user has to submit the completed work in zip format only. we will not accept done work in any other format. in this case user account will be terminated, and we will not be responsible for this. mention registration number and file name clearly in the same manner that has been given in technical instructions. the processed data work should be returned under the given time frame described in project detail to otherwise user account can be terminated.

total rights on the data conversion sent and received shall be entirely owned by us. as the work contents highly confidential and property information, it should not be misused, disclosed or otherwise made available such information to any person other than authorized franchisee/dealer for the duration of the agreement.

our system will check the accuracy of completed data and all concerned outputs shall be notified about the same through dvr data verification report via email.

the remuneration to the assistance provided by the user will be subject to the accuracy ,  in case of less than 75% accuracy in any two slots, user account will automatically be seized without any prior notice. this project is available only to the indian customers. to join this project plz email to info@

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  1. nadeem_su says:

    How much money I can earn by doing part time jobs 2 hourse per day in “copy paste work at home,“? What is the payment period.

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    What is the “copy paste work at home,“ jobs, really we earn money by doing this home based jobs, share your experiences please.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Please send me where I can get info about copy and paste work and if possible get a registration form.

  2. Please send me where I can get info about copy and paste work and if possible get a registration form.

  3. aishwarya says:

    please send the details about the work to be done and also about the payements

  4. rajiv says:

    i want to do this job. plz send me detail…………. as quick as possible…..

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    i want to do this job..may i know how can i go ahead for this work?

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    Hello, it really interesting, thanks

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    नमस्ते वहाँ, मैं अपने phorum प्यार . वहाँ कुछ मैं करने के लिए एक सदस्यता या कुछ बात की तरह अद्यतन प्राप्त कर सकते हैं ? मैं माफी चाहता हूँ मैं आरएसएस के साथ हूँ परिचित नहीं है ? संबंध

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